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        Shandong Huali Electric Motor Group Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1970. After continuous and steady development, it has become a modern enterprise group integrating scientific research, production, marketing and service. Under the jurisdiction of the company Rongcheng Laoshan Industrial Zone, Rongcheng Industrial New Zone and Suzhou Industrial New Zone, three manufacturing enterprises, annual production capacity of 1.2 million sets, 20 million KW, It is one of the manufacturing enterprises with the scale and strength of the global motor industry.
        Huali Group has a strong technical force. It has established Shandong Enterprise Technology Center and Shandong Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor
    Engineering Research Center. It has constructed a product pattern with low voltage motor as support and high voltage, low voltage, high power and special motor as development direction. Products cover YE4 series, YE3 series, YE2 series, HM2 series, YBX3 series, YFB3 series, YBK3 series, YBBP series, YB3 series, YVF3 series, YVF2 series, YVF series, YKK series, YKS series and so on (general, explosion-proof, marine, lifting, metallurgy, frequency conversion, high-voltage, wind power) more than 40series more than 11000 regulations,It is one of the motor manufacturers of various varieties and specifications in the world. The company has advanced production testing equipment, established a sound quality, environmental management system, through ISO 9001, ISO14001, CCC, CQC, CE, UL and other certification and recognition.
        The company adheres to the development strategy of "occupying the high point of science and technology, expanding the global market" and builds up two major domestic and international markets. Storage sales branch companies have been established in more than 50 large and medium-sized cities throughout the country, and a fast and efficient marketing and service network has been formed. The products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Enterprise scale and comprehensive economic benefits rank the forefront of the global motor industry.
        Innovative ideas, advanced technology, excellent quality, quality service and the spirit of Huali people to unite and forge ahead, condensed into the driving force for the continuous growth and development of enterprises. The enterprise goal of "creating a hundred years Huali and building a world brand" is working hard to achieve.