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      澳门美高梅:HuaLi Motor won the China standard innovation contribution award

      source:技术中心   addtime[2018-10-22]

          Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Standardization and the National Standardization Administration Commission announced the winners of the China Standard Innovation Award in 2018. Shandong Huali Motor Group Co.,Ltd won the second and third prizes, becoming the first enterprise in Weihai to win two awards at the same time.
          As the highest award in the field of national standardization, China Standard Innovation Contribution Award has the characteristics of high entry threshold, intense competition, authority of the appraisal body and strict process. The winners who can stand out in the selection are mostly the leading and leading units in the research of standards.
          As a large-scale modern group which integrates scientific research, production, marketing and service, Huali Motor is the vice-chairman unit of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, vice-chairman unit of small and medium-sized electrical machinery industry association, and member unit of IEC60034-30 international standard working group. It has its own unique experience and mature system in standardization work. It has become one of the  powerful manufacturing enterprises in China's small and medium-sized electrical machinery industry. Its scale and comprehensive economic benefits rank Forefront in China's small and medium-sized electrical machinery industry for more than ten years.
          In recent years, Rongcheng adheres to the implementation of the "quality city" strategy, in the development of quality, standards and brand building in the direction of sustained efforts. Centering on improving the quality and efficiency of manufacturing industry, we will carry out in-depth upgrading projects of manufacturing standards, give full support to qualified enterprises to undertake the work of international, national and provincial standardization technical organizations, and lead or participate in more international, national and industrial standards revision projects. This award is an affirmation of Rongcheng's standardization work. It is also the result of the coordinated action of the government and enterprises to give full play to the role of standardization.