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        澳门美高梅官方-Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology to guide the company

        source:办公室   addtime[2019-02-22]

            On February 21, the leading Party of the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Office, accompanied by the leaders of relevant departments, came to our company to conduct research and guidance work. The chairman of the company, Qu Yunkai, and the general manager, Qu Jiawen, accompanied the visit.Investigation and research.
            The company leaders warmly welcomed the visits of all the leaders, and briefly reported the overall development of our company and the advancement of intelligent manufacturing projects. On-the-spot visits led by the Provincial Office of Industry and Information TechnologyThe company's production site, the company pays attention to independent innovation and promote the work of intelligent manufacturing achievements are affirmed, I hope our company actively seize the new and old momentum conversion development.Opportunities, increase R&D and innovation efforts, strengthen and improve the motor industry, do a good job in high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects of demonstration and leadership, and constantly upgrade the transformation of enterprises, high quality Development injects new momentum.

            The picture shows General Manager Qu Jiawen introducing the situation of intelligent manufacturing project to the leaders.
            The picture shows the leaders of the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Office visiting the company.