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    澳门美高梅官方网站ic Motor visited our company

    source:办公室   addtime[2019-03-20]
        Recently, Chairman Liu Qingyong of Jiamusi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and his delegation visited and exchanged with us. Leaders such as Chairman Qu Yunkai, General Manager Qu Jiawen and Vice President Guo Peng warmly welcomed the visitors.
        The company leaders warmly welcome the visits of all the leaders. General Manager Qu Jiawen and other company leaders accompanied the guests to visit the digital assembly workshop, automatic insertion line, high-speed blanking processing center and other production workshops and company office areas, and introduced in detail the overall development of the company and the implementation of intelligent manufacturing projects. During the visit, Chairman Liu Qingyong and his guests gave high comments on the development and standardized management of our company.
        In the ensuing discussion, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the motor market and future development trends, and conducted good communication on strengthening work interaction and realizing complementary advantages in the future. The two sides expressed their hope that in the future development, they would strengthen exchanges, learn from each other's strengths, and constantly achieve win-win and common development.
        The picture shows visitors visiting digital assembly workshop
       The picture shows visitors visiting high-speed blanking processing center